By popular demand some of the hot topics in the program this year are:

  • supported decision making
  • children
  • the NDIS
  • planning
  • justice
  • creating change
  • health
  • the ADHC transfer
  • death and dying
  • inclusion
  • jobs

You can expect to take part, ask questions, seek answers, plan for the future and learn some change making skills. Sessions will be in a range of formats. 

It is more about finding solutions and looking forward than just sitting back and listening.

As always CID Members with intellectual disability are involved in designing the program, and there will be accessible sessions just for people with intellectual disability to attend.

Our crowd pleasing info-hub returns this year - the place to go to get all the latest info and idesa that you need.

The Conference will run from:
10 - 5 pm on the Wednesday

9 - 4pm on the Thursday

Download the program details here

Plus stay tuned for details of the special Wednesday night event - Ideas After Dark! 

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